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Startdatum  :  12-09-2017
Einddatum  :  13-09-2017
Tijdstip  :  08:00
Locatie  :  Amsterdam
Organisatie  :  Vinelake, iob-media

The healthcare industry faces the biggest challenge it has ever faced. Aging populations with long term conditions and new sophisticated treatments are just part of the rising cost of care. The Internet of Things heralds an answer to healthcare's problem: ushering in a new age of efficient, affordable and better quality healthcare. 

The Internet of Health in Amsterdam on 12th-13th September brings together healthcare managers, technology leaders and clinicians to address the real-life and transformative possibilities of IoT through early adopter case studies and expert-led discussion. From innovation strategy to data analytics and data ethics, the conference will enable healthcare leaders to get to grips with the implications of IoT and how to turn the promise into reality. 

Visit the website to view the agenda, speaker list and see if you qualify for a free pass -