3 december 2021

Webinar – Community of Expertise

Using IDMP in Adverse Event reporting and Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR)


Friday 3 December 2021 – 15.00 – 16:30

From the early beginnings of IDMP, the reporting of adverse drug events through the ICSR standard format has been an important use case to significantly improve global pharmacovigilance. In this webinar the speakers will provide coding guidance and principles for the accurate and consistent representation of drug information (including vaccines) in the ICSR message, focusing on Medicinal Product Identifiers (MPIDs) and Pharmaceutical Product Identifiers (PhPIDs) (with or without name parts) that will result from the implementation of the IDMP standards. Links with other required terminologies, such as MedDRA, in the ICSR will also be discussed, both from a standards and a daily practice perspective.

Presenters: Anja van Haren (WP 8 and CBG/MEB), Barry Hammond (WP 1 and MedDRA), Sarah Vaughn (MHRA)

Panelists : Julie James (WP 9 and Blue Waves Informatics), Jane Millar (WP 1 and SNOMED International)

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3 december 2021