Exchange of electronic patient data in the Netherlands

This content provides an overview of the most important players in the field of exchange of patient data in the Netherlands. It gives an impression of how patient data are stored in the Netherlands, or among which systems these are exchanged.

Following earlier consultations in 2012-2013 and an increasing need for data exchange by both healthcare professionals and patients, the possibilities for cross-border exchange of patient data are being further explored within Europe.

In the absence of a certified way in which data exchange takes place in the Netherlands, various decentralized initiatives have been initiated. However, in line with the National Electronic Health Record (EHR), an underlying infrastructure has been set up that enables regional and national exchange through a central organization.

Decentralized initiatives for the exchange of patient data

There is no central authority and no certified way in which data exchange takes place between different organizations in the Netherlands. This resulted in various decentralized initiatives aiming to exchange patient data.

The infrastructure for central exchange

In the Netherlands, there is currently an exchange of patient data through a central organization, the “Landelijk Schakelpunt” (LSP). It is a system that elaborates on the National Electronic Health Record (EPD) that was introduced in 2008. This system is managed by VZVZ, a communication specialized organization consisting of twenty parties from the care sector.