Nictiz is the centre of expertise for eHealth

Healthcare is increasingly occurring in networks. These are networks between patients, care providers, colleagues and organisations conducting research and contributing to the improvement of quality. The application of modern ICT techniques in healthcare, eHealth, contributes to the interaction between the parties in such networks. 

Nictiz is the centre of expertise for eHealth​ and helps to enable these connections in different ways. As such, we at Nictiz are conducting research and are involved with large national eHealth programmes. We are also monitoring eHealth trends and we interpret these to help with the establishment of Netherlands national policies of various parties, such as the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, nation-wide umbrella organisations and the Informatieberaad Zorg (national healthcare consultation). 

We are also a partner in national programmes aimed at exchanging information in healthcare such as MedMij. Enabling the exchange of information requires information standards. Nictiz develops and manages these standards and provides advice on their implementation. We provide these information standards and medical terminology via our help centre. Professionals developing eHealth applications can also come here with their questions and for advice.

'Nictiz works towards better health through better information'

News and publications

Infographic eHealth-monitor 2016 English


​This is the English infographic of the eHealth-monitor 2016.

Infographic: Eight functions of medication apps


This infographic gives an overview of which 8 functions of medication apps can contribute to patient compliance and a current medication overview for patients.

Tips for the efficient transfer of nursing information for patients


This whitepaper describes the different possibilities for the electronic transfer of nursing information for patients. These processes utilize a standardized electronic transfer document, drawn up by the care sector. Furthermore, this whitepaper provides tips for care institutions and IT suppliers on how to implement this standard in practice.

Nictiz corporate brochure - English version


Nictiz works towards better healthcare through better information. We support the healthcare sector in the use of IT to improve quality and efficiency within healthcare. Read more about Nictiz in this brochure.

English summary of eHealth monitor 2016, more than technology


​​​​This is a partial translation of the 2016 edition of the Dutch yearly national report on eHealth, the 'eHealth monitor'. It is a translation of the Management Summary.

2014 eHealth monitor - English


​This is a partial translation of the 2014 edition of the Dutch yearly national report on eHealth, the 'eHealth monitor'.

Infographic: Medical apps, is certification required?


This infographic shows whether a medial app needs CE marking. After going through the flow chart you will also know which risk categories the app comes under and what form of certification is required.​​

2015 eHealth monitor - English


​This is a partial translation of the 2015 edition of the Dutch yearly national report on eHealth, the 'eHealth monitor'.

Infographic report on eHealth objectives for 2016


​This infographic belongs to the evaluation report on eHealth objectives for 2016. The report on objectives focuses only on those applications mentioned in the ministerial objectives.

Infographic eHealth-monitor 2015 - English


The eHealth monitor is an ongoing study in which Nictiz and the NIVEL Institute map out the status of eHealth in the Netherlands on an annual basis.

Infographic eHealth-monitor 2014 - English


​This is the infographic of the eHealth-monitor 2014.

Guide to Interoperability between XDS Affinity Domains 2015


The Guide to Interoperability between XDS Affinity Domains has been laid out as a ‘cookbook’ for organising XDS Affinity Domains. The Guide forms the basis for verifiable quality of XDS infrastructures in the Netherlands.

Infographic eHealth-monitor 2013 (English version)


​This infographic is provided alongside the summary of the eHealth monitor 2013, presenting the key findings of the survey in graphic form. The infographic is intended for people who want to see the main points of the survey at a glance, using their tablet or smartphone.​

IHTSDO Supporting Jargon of Different Specialism


Deze presentatie schetst een manier om medisch jargon in SNOMED CT te ondersteunen, waarbij geconcentreerd wordt op de implementatie en de gevolgen voor softwareleveranciers. The presentation is in English. We believe it is important to support the use of not just one’s native language, but one’s specialist jargon.