Patient Summary (BgZ)

The Patient Summary (BgZ) is the minimum set of patientdata that is generic and relevant to all medical health professionals and all care processes. The BgZ is important for the continuity of care. The BgZ is actually a 'patient summary' of (medical) information that care-professionals have determined to be important in every part of the planned or unplanned care -process. The BgZ is derived from and based on the International Patient Summary (IPS) as adopted within the European Union.

The BgZ has since been embraced as a national standard in the Netherlands. In January 2018, the Health Care Information Council adopted the BgZ and the model of the Clinical Information Models (zibs) as national standards for the exchange of patiënt information. More and more parties are working to implement the BgZ as a priority in their EHR’s and other technical systems, such as academic hospitals, general hospitals (VIPP), care – and mental healthcare-organizations, primary care and also in the field of personal health environments via MedMij.