Dutch nursing problem list

SNOMED FSN Definition Source ID
acute confusion (finding) image of acute and chronic change, often fluctuating which includes attention deficit disorder and consciousness and changes in cognition (memory, orientation, language) or observation guideline delirium adults and elderly (NVKG 2013) 130987000
aphasia (finding) defective or absent language function of using and understanding words together with damage to certain parts of the brain [ICNP] ICPN 87486003
anxiety (finding) feelings of threat, danger or distress [ICNP] ICNP 48694002
disturbance of consciousness (finding) problem with mental responsiveness to impressions from a combination of the senses, keeping the mind alert and sensitive to the external environment [ICNP] ICNP 3006004
vomiting (disorder) expulsion or bringing up of converted food or stomach content through the oesophagus and out of mouth [ICNP] ICNP 422400008
burn of skin (disorder) an injury due to the influence of heat on the skin for a certain period of time and above a certain critical temperature, above the critical temperature (+/- 40° C) occurs damage to the skin Association of Dutch Burn Centres http://brandwondenstichting.nl/brandwonden-voorkomen/wat-zijn-brandwonden/ 284196006
pressure ulcer (disorder) a localized damage to the skin and/or underlying tissue, mostly at the level of a bony prominence, as a result of pressure or pressure in combination with sliding force National multidisciplinary guideline pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, V&VN, nov 2011 399912005
disorientated (finding) problem with ascertaining relationship to environment in terms of time; in terms of place at a given point in time and in terms of awareness of own identity and in terms of recognition of people around [ICNP] ICNP 62476001
disorientation for person (finding) problem with ascertaining relationship to environment in terms of awareness of own identity such as age, date of birth and in terms of recognition of people around [ICNP] ICNP 62766000
disorientated in place (finding) problem with ascertaining relationship to environment in terms of place at a given point in time such as country, province, city, workplace, home [ICNP] ICNP 72440003
disorientated in time (finding) problem with ascertaining relationship to environment in terms of time such as year, season, month, day, precise time [ICNP] ICNP 19657006
diarrhea (finding) Passage of loose, liquid, unformed stool, increased frequency of elimination accompanied by increased bowel sounds, cramping and urgency of defecation [ICNP] ICNP 62315008
compulsion to act on thoughts (finding) persistent thought or idea that the mind is constantly and involuntarily working on Psychische gezondheid.nl 67698009
dyspnea (finding) conscious experience of a disruption of breathing, in other words the feeling of inadequate breathing, an unpleasant and particularly threatening and anxious feeling. The degree of the experienced dyspnea is not dependent on the severity of the underlying cause. Guideline dyspnoe, cough and rattle, IKZ, 2005, (www.oncoline.nl) 267036007
eczema (disorder) itchy, polymorphic skin with redness, edema, papules, vesicles, crusts, flakes and/or lichenification, as a result of a non-infectious inflammation of the skin, caused by intrinsic and/or environmental factors NHG: eczeem 43116000
feeling lonely (finding) the subjective experience of a pleasurable or unacceptable lack of (quality of) certain social relationships De Jong Gierveld, Tilburg, 2007 (Platform ouderenzorg) 267076002
physical aggression (finding) forceful demonstration of actions or unjust use of force or power with the purpose to injure or damage, mistreat or assault: Violent, assaulting, harmful, illegal or cultural prohibited actions toward others; state of power struggle or conflict [ICNP] ICNP 248004009
compulsive video gaming (disorder) extensively gaming with an effect that may be harmful to health ICNP (indirect) 12551000146107
inadequate social support (finding) lack of social or psychological help from somebody to succeed, keep from failing and to bear the weight of and maintain in position, hold up ICNP – intervention 425022003
memory impairment (finding) problem with mental acts by which sensations, impressions and ideas are stored and recalled [ICNP] ICNP 386807006
poor short-term memory (finding) problem with the ability to recall or remember recent events or experiences [ICNP] ICNP 247592009
poor long-term memory (finding) problem with the ability to recall or remember past events or experiences [ICNP] ICNP 247588002
compulsive gambling (disorder) extensively gambling with an effect that may be harmful to health ICNP (indirect) 18085000
hallucinations (finding) apparent registration of sensory stimuli which are not actually present, classified according to the senses, such as auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory or tactile hallucinations [ICNP] ICNP 7011001
eruption of skin (disorder) skin eruption of erythema of different colours and protuberance, local oedema, urticaria, vesicles and itching [ICNP] ICNP 271807003
body temperature above reference range (finding) decreased ability to change internal thermostat accompanied by increased body temperature, warm dry skin, drowsiness and headache associated with dysfunction of the central nervous system or endocrine system [ICNP] ICNP 50177009
hypomanic mood (finding) a distinct period of abnormally and persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood [DSM-V] DSM-V 281257007
Hypothermia (finding) decreased ability to change internal thermostat, reduced body temperature, cool, pale and dry skin, shivering, slow capillary refill, tachycardia, cyanotic nail beds, hypertension, piloerection associated with prolonged exposure to cold, dysfunction of the central nervous system or endocrine system [ICNP] ICNP 386689009
incontinence of feces (finding) involuntary, uncontrolled passage and expulsion of stool [ICNP] ICNP 72042002
urinary incontinence (finding) involuntary passage of urine, failure of voluntary control over bladder and urethral sphincter [ICNP] ICNP 165232002
intertrigo (disorder) a localized superficial skin disorder in the large skin folds,  which is characterized by continued redness (erythema) on both sides of the fold. In addition,  one or more of the following symptoms can occur: maceration (softening), fissures (cracks), erosions, a oozing skin or crust formation National multidisciplinary guideline (intertrigo) prevention and treatment, V&VN, 2011 58759008
itching of skin (finding) sensation of annoying tingling, cutaneous feeling followed by impulse to scratch skin [ICNP] ICNP 418363000
manic mood (finding) continued abnormally elevated disinhibited state of emotion/loss of inhibition, filled with positive vitality, negating concerns and decreased need for sleep DSM-V 405273008
alcohol abuse (disorder) misuse of alcohol for a non-therapeutic effect that may be harmful to health and may cause addiction ICNP 15167005
drug abuse (disorder) misuse of drugs or medication for a non-therapeutic effect that may be harmful to health and may cause addiction ICNP 26416006
tobacco dependence syndrome (disorder) misuse of tobacco for a non-therapeutic effect that may be harmful to health and may cause addiction ICNP 89765005
victim of abuse (finding) victim of acts of physical, emotional and sexual assault, such as rape and mistreatment ICNP beta 2 386702006
nausea (finding) sensation of feeling sick with an inclination to vomit, unpleasant sensation vaguely referred to the epigastrium and abdomen, offensive to taste or smell [ICNP] ICNP 422587007
obstipation (disorder) decrease in the frequency of defecation accompanied by difficulty or incomplete passage of stool; passage of excessively hard, dry stool [ICNP] ICNP 14760008
underweight (finding) ‘Body Mass index’ (BMI) ≤18,5 (patients ≥65 year: BMI ≤20) Guideline screening and treatment of undernutrition, stuurgroep ondervoeding, juni 2011 248342006
undernourished (finding) nutritional status in which there is a deficiency or imbalance of energy, protein, and/or other nutrients, which leads to measurable adverse effects on the body size and body composition, on the functioning and on clinical outcomes Guideline screening and treatment of undernutrition, stuurgroep ondervoeding, juni 2011 248325000
feeling agitated (finding) condition of purposeless psychomotor excitement, restless activity, pacing, releasing of nervous tension associated with anxiety, fear or mental stress [ICNP] ICNP 24199005
caregiver difficulty performing caretaking (finding) problem with personal care; unpaid and often long-term care for sick family members or friends (more than eight hours per week and/or longer than three months) Government 705044006
overweight (finding) overweight among adults (18-70 years) exists as a body mass index (BMI) ≥25 (with BMI ≥30 obesity) in children is overweight diagnosed on the basis of four criteria: physique, ethnicity, puberty and fat distribution Voedingscentrum 238131007
pain (finding) an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, where the experience of pain is what a person experiencing the pain says it is and and is present whenever he/she says that it’s present NHG-Werkgroep Pijn. NHG-Standard pain. Primary care law 2015;58(9):472-85 22253000
preoccupation (finding) dominating and engrossing the mind to the exclusion of other thoughts or being mentally distracted [ICNP] ICNP 247632002
disturbance of attention (finding) focused attention and mental activity to store and recall knowledge [ICNP] ICNP 76039005
difficulty establishing relationships (finding) difficulty in starting an engagement with one or more persons ICNP (indirect) 423238001
impaired spontaenous ventilation (finding) problem with moving air into and out of the lungs with a certain respiratory rate and rhythm, depth of inspiration and strength of expiration [ICNP] ICNP 129895003
permanently unable to perform work activities due to medical condition (finding) ongoing problem with the extent and manner in which people participate in work 440584001
temporarily unable to perform work activities due to medical condition (finding) temporarily problem with the extent and manner in which people participate in work 440337002
difficulty inferring meaning (finding) problem to understand information with the mind, both verbally and nonverbally ICF/ SNOMED CT 310825003
difficulty preparing food for eating (finding) problem with taking care of providing food and meals in terms of quantity and quality, processing of food, storing of food, serving and distribution of food necessary for maintaining daily life [ICNP] ICNP 286457005
difficulty coping (finding) problem with managing stress and having a sense of control and increased psychological comfort [ICNP] ICNP 18232000
finding of speed of thought (finding) problem with an accelerated or slowed thought process 365276007
difficulty performing shopping activities (finding) problem with buying items necessary for maintaining daily life; purchasing, trading or bartering for items needed for the home [ICNP] ICNP 300723007
fine motor impairment (finding) problem with the use of the hands and fingers for small movements, the grasping and manipulation of an object fijne motoriek.nl 228148009
difficulty managing personal financial activities (finding) problem with caring for and managing personal money/capital ICNP 300686005
disturbance in speech (finding) problem with the production of various sounds by the passage of air through the larynx [ICF] ICF 29164008
difficulty maintaining a position (finding) staying in the same body position as required, such as remaining seated or remaining standing  [ICF] ICF 282851000
difficulty managing medication (finding) problem with the independently use and administration of medication ICNP (indirect) 285038001
impaired home maintenance management (finding) problem with practice of care for or proper attention to making environment or dwelling place comfortable, cosy; making oneself and others feel at home; providing a secure and well managed household [ICNP] ICNP 67175002
difficulty making conversation (finding) problem with making a conversation or verbal communication between two or more persons SNOMED CT (indirect) 288638001
hearing problem (finding) problem with faculty of hearing due to responses to stimuli from auditory organs, capacity to hear [ICNP] ICNP 300228004
impaired ability to learn new material (finding) problem with the process of acquiring knowledge or skill by means of systematic study, instruction, practice, training or experience [ICNP] ICNP 247617009
walking disability (finding) problem with moving body from one place to another by moving legs stepwise by self, capacity to bear weight of body and walk with effective gait within the range of speed from slow, moderate and fast pace, upstairs, downstairs, up inclines and down inclines [ICNP] ICNP 228158008
menstruation finding (finding) problem with the recurring cycle of shedding, re-growth and proliferating of the endometrium of the uterus as menstruation; average length of the menstrual cycle from first day of bleeding to first of another is 28 days; length; duration and quantity vary; menstrual cycle begins at menarche and ends at the menopause [ICNP] ICNP 373419005
difficulty performing mouthcare activities (finding) problem taking care of mouth and teeth/molars or dentures SNOMED CT (indirect) 289128002
difficulty maintaining relationships (finding) problem maintaining contact within a relationship with one or more persons under the social rules in the company ICNP (indirect) 424573006
abnormal defecation (finding) problem with movement and evacuation of stool through the bowel [ICNP] ICNP 179950008
difficulty performing personal grooming activity (finding) problem with brushing and in other ways look after and clean the hair and nails [ICNP] ICNP 704439001
taste sense altered (finding) problem with the faculty of tasting due to responses to stimuli from gustatory organs, capacity to taste food and drink [ICNP] ICNP 271801002
disturbance in role performance (finding) problem with interacting according to implicit or explicit set of expectations, rules and standards of behaviour expected by others [ICNP] ICNP 27179007
sense of smell impaired (finding) problem with the faculty of smelling due to responses to stimuli from olfactory organs, capacity to smell odours [ICNP] ICNP 83156004
sexuality related problem (finding) problem with the ability of participating in sexual intercourse [ICNP] ICNP 106143002
swallowing problem (finding) problem with the passage of fluids and decomposed food from mouth by movement of tongue and muscles through throat and oesophagus to stomach [ICNP] CNP 399122003
impaired social interaction (finding) problem with behavior of mutual social interchange, participation and social exchange among individuals and groups ICNP 88598008
impaired touch discrimination (finding) problem with the faculty of feeling due to responses to stimuli from tactile organs, capacity for orientation by touch and pressure from tactile organs in integument [ICNP] ICNP 299923005
difficulty complying with treatment (finding) problem with performing activities to meet therapeutic health care requirements and conform to the prescribed treatment course of the caregiver and the healthcare provider  Time for better use of medicines’, NPCF, 2008 04900007
difficulty performing toileting activities (finding) problem with carrying out toileting activities for urination and defecation [ICNP] and take care of oneselves ICNP 284905001
difficulty changing position (finding) problem with getting into and out of a body position and moving from one location to another, such as getting up out of a chair to lie down on a bed, and getting into and out of positions of kneeling or squatting [ICF] ICF 303387009
difficulty transferring location (finding) problem with moving from one surface to another, such as sliding along a bench or moving from a bed to a chair, without changing body position [ICF] ICF 714884000
diversional activity deficit (finding) problem with spending time on diversional activities like hobbies, sport, recreation SNOMED CT (indirect) 23935006
fertility problem (finding) problem with capacity to participate in the conception of a live foetus that delivers as a viable child ICNP 27034006
mood swings (finding) problem with a varying level of feelings and emotional tone ICNP beta 2 18963009
housing problems (finding) problem with the residential building, constructed for human dwelling, residence and homes, shelter providing protections and space for humans, such as unsuited to limitations in mobility, poor housing, lack of space, moisture in the house ICNP beta 2 81877007
difficulty drinking (finding) problem with taking fluids during meals and during the day or when thirsty [ICNP] ICNP 288857007
difficulty performing dressing activities problem with putting on or removing clothes [ICNP] ICNP 284972002
difficulty using self-expression (finding) problem with specific mental functions necessary to produce meaningful messages in spoken, written, signed or other forms of language [ICF] ICF/ SNOMED CT 288742009
difficulty feeding self (finding) problem with bringing food to the mouth and feeding oneself until satisfied ICNP beta 2 7653001
difficulty performing washing and drying activities (finding) problem with the washing and drying of the entire body, or body parts, such as bathing, showering, washing of hands and feet, face and hair. ICNP (indirect) 288552005
visual impairment (disorder) problem with the ability to see as a result of response to stimuli of visual organs SNOMED CT (indirect) 7973008
blood pressure alteration (finding) problem with effects of fluctuating blood pressure. Bloodpressure is defined by ‘the force of circulating blood on blood vessel walls, or the hydrostatic pressure exerted by the blood on the vasculature of the arteries’ [ICNP] ICNP 129899009
retention of urine (disorder) involuntary accumulation of urine in bladder, incomplete emptying of bladder associated with a loss of muscle function in bladder, side effects of narcotics or damage to bladder [ICNP] ICNP 267064002
finding related to risk factor in pregnancy (finding) risk of complications during pregnancy. Pregnany is the condition of growing and nurturing a developing foetus in body lasting from approximately 266 days period to birth from the day of fertilisation [ICNP] ICNP 199312002
at risk for infection (finding) risk for infection. Infection is defined by ‘an invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms that reproduce and multiply, causing disease by local cellular injury, secretion of toxin or antigen-antibody reaction’ [ICNP] ICNP 78648007
at risk for suicide (finding) risk for suicide. Suicide is defined by ‘performing suicidal activities which lead to death of self’ [ICNP] ICNP 225444004
at risk for falls (finding) an unintended change of the body position, which results in landing on the floor or any other lower level Guideline prevention of fall incidients of elderly, CBO,2004 129839007
grief finding (finding) feelings of sorrow associated with anticipatory or actual significant loss and death; Shock and disbelief, (Stage of Shock); Exhaustion, extreme tiredness and lethargy, mental anguish, reactions of bereavement and mourning, crying or sobbing, alarm, disbelief, denial, anger (Stage of Reaction); Adjustment, acceptance, reorientation, express feelings of loss, accept reality of loss, absence of somatic stress, express positive expectations about the future (Stage of acceptance) [ICNP] ICNP 224965009
depressed mood (finding) feelings from sadness to melancholy with decreased concentration, loss of appetite and insomnia [ICNP] ICNP 366979004
verbal aggression (finding) forceful, self-assertive action or attitude expressed verbally, physically or symbolically [ICNP] ICNP 248003003
low self-control (finding) problem with disposition taken to take care of what is needed to maintain oneself, keeping oneself going, handle basic individual and intimate necessities and activities in life [ICNP] ICNP 705000008
impaired insight in disease problem with the realization that (or understanding that) a person has a disease or health problem, and what the significance for life is mens-en-gezondheid.infonu.nl 12561000146105
impairment of mental alertness (finding) problem with the level of watchfulness or vigilance, paying attention to something, ready to take action [ICNP] ICNP 704426000
fatigue (finding) feelings of decreased strength or endurance, weariness, mental or physical tiredness, and listlessness with lower capacity of physical or mental work [ICNP] ICNP 84229001
altered body image (finding) problem with the mental picture of one’s own body in whole or in part, or of one’s physical appearance [ICNP] ICNP 225507001
sleep pattern disturbance (finding) problem with sleeping. Sleeping is defined by ‘Recurring lowering of bodily activity marked by reduced consciousness, not awake accompanied with, not aware, depressed metabolism, immobile posture, diminished bodily activity, diminished but readily reversible sensitivity to external stimuli’ [ICNP] ICNP 26677001
abnormal body temperature (finding) problem with the body temperature, measured in ° C (degrees Celsius). Body temperature is defined by ‘internal body heat related to body metabolism’ [ICNP] ICNP 123979008
fluid imbalance (disorder) regulation of uptake and excretion of body fluids such as the quantity and balance of water and electrolytes in the body ICNP beta 2 190902006
delusions (finding) false sense of reality that cannot be corrected by reason, argument or persuasion or by evidence of one’s own senses [ICNP] ICNP 2073000
wound of skin (disorder) an interruption in the continuity of the skin, usually caused by external influences. Injury of the tissue, usually associated with physical or mechanical damage; sloughing and tunneling of the tissue  Guideline wound care, vereniging voor heelkunde, 2013
(Guideline Woundcare)
self-injurious behavior (finding) performing of self initiated activities with the purpose of hurting or damaging oneself, violence directed towards oneself [ICNP] ICNP 248062006